May 27, 2024

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Houston Texans Standings

The Houston Texans, established in 2002, are a professional American football team based in Houston, Texas. Competing in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference (AFC) South division, the Texans have seen a varied performance trajectory over the years. This article delves into the team’s standings history, significant milestones, and their journey through the NFL seasons.

Historical Performance

Since their inception, the Houston Texans standings have experienced both highs and lows. The team’s performance in the standings can be categorised into several phases:

Early Years (2002-2006)
The Texans’ early years were marked by struggles as the team sought to establish itself in the NFL. The first few seasons were challenging, with the team finishing last in the AFC South. The inaugural season in 2002 saw the Texans end with a 4-12 record.

Growth and Development (2007-2010)
This period marked gradual improvement for the Texans. In 2009, the team achieved its first winning season with a 9-7 record, finishing second in the AFC South. This era saw the emergence of key players and a more competitive team dynamic.

Playoff Contenders (2011-2012)
The Texans’ breakthrough came in the 2011 season when they clinched their first AFC South division title with a 10-6 record. The success continued in 2012, as the team posted a 12-4 record, winning the division again and making a strong playoff appearance.

Fluctuating Fortunes (2013-2017)
Following their playoff success, the Texans experienced fluctuating fortunes. The team had seasons of strong performances interspersed with disappointing outcomes. Despite these inconsistencies, they managed to secure the AFC South title in 2015 and 2016.

Recent Years (2018-Present)
In recent seasons, the Texans have continued to be competitive in the AFC South. The 2018 and 2019 seasons were particularly notable, with the team winning the division title both years. However, the 2020 and 2021 seasons were challenging, with the team finishing near the bottom of the standings.

Key Seasons and Standings

2002 Season:
As an expansion team, the Texans’ 2002 season was foundational. Finishing with a 4-12 record, the team showed glimpses of potential despite being at the bottom of the AFC South standings.

2011 Season:
The 2011 season was a turning point. The Texans finished with a 10-6 record, winning the AFC South for the first time. This achievement marked their arrival as serious contenders in the league.

2012 Season:
Building on their previous success, the Texans had an impressive 12-4 record in 2012. They dominated the AFC South and secured a playoff spot, showcasing a strong team performance.

2015 Season:
After a couple of fluctuating years, the Texans bounced back in 2015, winning the AFC South with a 9-7 record. The team’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure were evident.

2018 Season:
The 2018 season saw the Texans reclaim the AFC South title with an 11-5 record. The team’s balanced offense and defense played crucial roles in their success.

2020 Season:
The 2020 season was notably difficult for the Texans. With a 4-12 record, the team faced several challenges, including injuries and management changes, leading to a last-place finish in the AFC South.

Impactful Players and Coaches

The Texans’ standings over the years have been significantly influenced by key players and coaches:

Andre Johnson:
A cornerstone of the Texans’ offense, Johnson’s performance as a wide receiver was instrumental in the team’s early successes. His consistency and leadership were vital in many seasons.

J.J. Watt:
One of the most dominant defensive players in NFL history, Watt’s contributions on the field have been pivotal. His impact was particularly notable during the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Deshaun Watson:
Watson emerged as a key quarterback for the Texans, especially during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. His ability to make plays and lead the offense significantly contributed to the team’s standings.

Bill O’Brien:
Serving as the head coach from 2014 to 2020, O’Brien guided the team through several playoff appearances and AFC South titles. His tenure had a lasting impact on the team’s performance.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the Houston Texans aim to rebuild and reclaim their position as a top contender in the AFC South. Key factors influencing their future standings include:

Draft and Player Development:
Successful drafts and the development of young talent are crucial. The Texans need to focus on building a strong core of players to improve their competitiveness.

Coaching Strategy:
The team’s coaching strategy will play a significant role. Adapting to the evolving dynamics of the NFL and implementing effective game plans are essential for future success.

Injury Management:
Injuries have been a recurring challenge for the Texans. Effective injury management and maintaining player health will be vital for consistent performance.

Team Chemistry:
Building a cohesive team with strong chemistry can lead to improved standings. The Texans need to foster a positive team environment and strong leadership on and off the field.


The Houston Texans have had a dynamic journey since their inception, with notable highs and challenging lows. Their standings in the NFL reflect a team that has shown resilience, adaptability, and potential. As they move forward, the focus will be on rebuilding and striving for consistent success in the highly competitive AFC South. The Texans’ future looks promising with the right strategies and continued development of their players and coaching staff.

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