May 27, 2024

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Unveiling MediaTakeOut: Navigating the Contentious Waters of Celebrity Gossip

Explore the fascinating world of MediaTakeOut, a celebrity gossip hub with a focus on African American culture. Learn about its history, offerings, and controversies in the entertainment landscape.

What is MediaTakeOut?

MediaTakeOut, often shortened to MTO, is a popular blog-style website specializing in entertainment and celebrity gossip, particularly focused on African American celebrities and culture. Founded in 2006 by Fred Mwangaguhunga, a former corporate lawyer, MTO quickly gained notoriety for its often sensational and unfiltered content, often relying on anonymous tips and user-generated submissions.

What does MTO News do?

MTO News is a social news outlet targeting the African-American community. It delivers shareable news and content on different topics like politics, crime, business, amusement, cars, lifestyle, and more. Monetizes via native and show promotions.

What sectors and market segments does MTO News work in?

MTO News operates in the B2C area in the Media & Entertainment market details.

History of MediaTakeOut

Founded in 2006 by former corporate lawyer Fred Mwangaguhunga, MediaTakeOut rose to prominence in the early days of the internet-fueled celebrity gossip boom. MTO’s early days were marked by rapid growth and controversy. It carved a niche by covering stories often overlooked by mainstream media, attracting a dedicated audience hungry for juicy gossip and insider scoops. However, MTO’s content also faced criticism for its lack of fact-checking, reliance on hearsay, and sometimes offensive language. Despite the controversies, MTO remained a major player in the celebrity gossip landscape, even breaking some major stories that were later picked up by mainstream media outlets.

What does MTO offer?

While celebrity gossip is MTO’s bread and butter, the website offers a wider range of content:

  • News and Commentary: MTO covers entertainment news beyond gossip, including movie reviews, music releases, and red-carpet events. They also offer commentary on current events and social issues, often with a focus on African American communities.
  • Original Content: MTO features articles, interviews, and video segments produced by their team. They also host forums and discussion boards where users can share their opinions and engage with each other.
  • Social Media Presence: MTO maintains a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, sharing updates, interacting with fans, and conducting polls and Q&A sessions.

What happened?

In recent years, MTO’s online presence has fluctuated. Some speculate that changes in the media landscape, stricter regulations on online content, and competition from other gossip sites have affected the website’s popularity. However, MTO remains a significant force in the world of celebrity gossip, with a loyal fanbase and a reputation for breaking stories and generating buzz.

Where is MTO based?

MediaTakeOut is based in the United States, with its headquarters reportedly located in New York City. However, the exact location is not publicly disclosed.

Contacting MTO

The most suitable way to contact Mediatakeout is via their website. They have a reference form that you can use to call out to them.

MTO email

email address is

Competitors of MTO News

Competitive landscape of MTO News

  • MTO News has a total of 777 competitors and it rates 231st among them.
  • 30 of its opponents are supported while 27 have exited.
  • General, MTO News and its opponents have grown over $1.04B in funding across 128 funding competitions involving 210 investors.
  • There are 3 general and 24 developed companies in the fundamental competition set.

Who are the top competitors of MTO News?

  • BuzzFeed – New York City-based, 2006-based, Public Company
  • Vix – Miami based, 2005 founded, Developed company
  • Quartz – New York City-based, 2012 founded, Developed company


MediaTakeOut is a complex and controversial website that has carved its niche in the world of celebrity gossip. While its content may not be for everyone, it is undeniable that MTO has a dedicated following and has played a role in shaping the online conversation about entertainment and African American culture. Whether you love it or hate it, MTO is a website that demands attention and sparks conversation.

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